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A thing of such great beauty a lovely thing to see

The white flowers that in Spring bloom on the magnolia tree

A memory to live on when other memories fade

Only by Mother Nature such beauty can be made

And Nature’s natural beauty is for all to be admired

And by Nature and her beauty dancers and artists are inspired

To create their own beauty for others to enjoy

And the dancer and the artist is in every girl and boy

But only Mother Nature could have in her the power

To create a thing of beauty such as a white magnolia flower

In all my days and many walks such beauty i have seen

But nothing quite so beautiful or so ‘twould seem to me

As the white flowers in Springtime on the green magnolia tree

Kim Alberti

Artistic Director/Owner

Kim Alberti is the Artistic Director and owner of Magnolia Dance Academy. Kim’s extensive and incomparable training in ballet, pointe, modern, hip hop, theatre and voice enables her to offer the best of training and choreography to her dance class students. Her passion and enthusiasm carries over to the staff and dancers at Magnolia Dance Academy here in Lynbrook, New York, where she also teaches dance classes.

Dance Studio Hours:

Monday - Thursday

9 am – 9 pm


Competition Schedule TBD


9 am – 3 pm

Our Location:

68 Merrick Rd.
Lynbrook NY 11563
(516) 594-9745

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Kids Dance Classes & Lessons In Nassau County

Magnolia Dance Academy is a premier young adults and kids dance studio and dance shop located in Nassau County. We offer a wide array of different dance lessons for new and seasoned dancers alike. Whether this is your little one’s very first lesson or you are bringing in your teenager for more advanced lessons, we can provide your child with an exciting and informative series of dance classes. At Magnolia Dance Academy, we have a strong reputation for being one of the leading dance studios in Nassau County. Our passion is developing the talent of our young students so that they grow and flourish in their particular area of focus. From jazz and hip hop to modern and ballet, we offer a variety of different dance classes that you can choose from. Our experienced instructors will provide the right direction, training, and guidance to help your child focus and cultivate their dance talent.

Dancing to New Heights

Our incredible young dancers have the potential to take their dancing abilities and talents anywhere they wish to go with Magnolia Dance Academy of Lynbrook. Our role to is to provide the expert training and the forum for their talents to grow and blossom. Our kids dance classes here in Lynbrook allow our students to explore the beautiful art form of dance in a safe and secure environment.

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Contact us for more information about our Lynbrook dance academy or to register for dance classes, call us at (516) 594-9745 today. We look forward to helping all our students take their dancing to new and incredible heights! Whether your looking for Lynbrook’s best ballet, jazz, hip hop or any other kind of dance teachers, Magnolia Dance Academy can help you dance like a star!

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